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Bòbila Almirall, the second most beautiful staircase in the world

Photographer Antoni March. El Pais 2016
Photographer Antoni March. El Pais 2016

In the spanish newspaper El País May 10, 2016, Andrea Nogueira published an architectonic compendium of unique staircases and in the section The Traveler was proposed among readers to choose the stairs they considered most beautiful in the world.

The most voted first was the stairs of the temple Chand Baori, Abhaneri, in the state of Rajhastan (India), which surrounds the walls of an open pit or funnel-shaped structure. 3,500 steps to allow down to the water tank which makes the function of collecting rainwater for use during dry periods. The work is a thousand years old.

The second most voted staircase was the chimney of Bòbila Almirall (Terrassa, near Barcelona), built in 1956, a structure is 63.25 meters high and around a spiral staircase of 217 steps that lead up to an upper platform with panoramic views over the city.

In 1991 the building was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the industrial chimney with spiral staircase highest in the world. This structure is made by the master builder Mariano Masana Ribas and his team of workers formed by Lucas Pérez Molina, Jose Fauquet Cons, Paulino Carbajal García and Francisco Gàlvez Quesada . We can check the news and see images on: elviajero.elpais

Also in the Journal of Terrassa of August 31, 2016 it appeared a picture and news about Almirall staircase.

From this site we give our consideration to the versatile artist and excellent photographer Antoni Arch [] for having captured and made public a beautiful image of Almirall chimney. Artistic people like him that often show us the hidden beauty of things we sometimes go unnoticed, probably because it is the look of the artist has improved it.  Consult: Behance  and also: Rosa M. Masana

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